Adair County, Missouri
Business Directory 1867-1868

ADAIR COUNTY is in the north-eastern part of the State, being bounded by Putnam and Schuyler on the north, by Scotland and Knox on the east, by Macon on the south, and Sullivan on the west, having a length from north to south of twenty-two miles, and from east to west of twenty-seven miles, and contains an area of over 380,000 acres of land, about 170,000 of which is under cultivation and improvement. It has eight townships, viz: Benton, Clay, Kirksville, Liberty, Morrow, Pettis, Polk and Salt River. It is well watered by streams running from north to south, the principal of which is Chariton river and the head forks of Salt river. This county will be intersected by the North Missouri Railroad, and is now reached from Macon City, the nearest point on railroad, at the intersection of the North Mo. and H. & St. Jo. R. R. by stage daily.

This is a post office in Adair county, six miles north of Kirksville, on the road to Lancaster, and on the proposed extension of the N. M. R. R., and near the head of one of the forks of Salt river.
Peter J. Sublett, P. M.

Blanket Grove
A post office in Adair county.
Lina Round, post mistress.

Domey's Mill
This is a small place of not much importance, in the south part of Adair county, near the county line, on the east bank of Chariton river, 10 miles west of south of Kirksville, the County Seat. Nearest point to R. R. is at Callao, from which it is 22 miles north. There is plenty of excellent timber in the vicinity.

Floyd's Creek
This is the name of a post office in Adair county. The location is not indicated on the maps.
James H. Ginnings, Post Master.

The capital of Adair county, is situated on the line of the North Missouri Rail Road, 160 miles from St. Louis. It contains seven churches, viz: Methodist Episcopal, Protestant Methodist, Old School Presbyterian, Cumberland Presbyterian, one Free Will Baptist, one Disciples, one academy and eight lower schools, one Masonic Lodge, No. 105, one lodge of I. O. O. F., one lodge. No. 48. I. O. G. T., and saw mill, lath mill, brewery, blacksmith shops, carpenter shops and other mechanical shops of various kinds. For soil, climate and healthfulness, Adair county cannot be excelled. Population 1500.
A. Morris, Post Master.

Trades, Professions, etc.
Ammerman, W. H. & P., plasterers.
Armstrong, Harry, plasterer.
Armstrong, John, plasterer.
Arnold, O. C., carpenter.
Ancill, Peter, carpenter.
Asher & Lane, druggists.
Barrow & Millan, (B. G. B. & H. F. M.) lawyers.
Bell & Turner, saloon.
Baird, David, marble dealer.
Baird, William, cashier in bank.
Baird, Miss Sue, milliner.
Baura, Joseph, dry goods and clothing.
Baura, Ludwig, merchant tailor.
Beeman, O. H., blacksmith.
Boyd, Rev. J. S., O. S. Presbyterian.
Brewington, D. W. & Bros., (D. W., Geo. R., & James) dry goods, saddles and harness and shoes.
Brown & Fitch, boots and shoes.
Brown, B. H., physician.
Brown, Peter, saddles and harness.
Bryson, W. K., physician.
CORY & BRINKELHOOF, (Caut. C. & S. S. B.) lawyers.
City Hotel, J. S. Loring, prop.
Cooly, K., Baptist clergyman.
Coop, J., groceries.
Calder, Mrs., prop. Calder House.
Dorsey, Thomas, plasterer.
Dillon & Burton, livery stable.
Dodson, J. B., state senator.
Darlington & Gill, props. Knoxville Journal.
Dodds, H. H., Methodist clergyman.
Dodson & Risdon, lawyers.
Darrow, Edward, sheriff.
Dougherty, David, prop, of North Mo Hotel.
Eckes & Edwards, livery stable.
Eldridge, Geo., shoemaker.
Evans, James, house and sign painter.
Everhart, Geo., wagon maker.
Furrow, Samuel, painter.
Frankenberg, Geo., painter.
Frankenberg, Frank, painter.
Farrow & Nell, billiards and saloon.
Fonts, Samuel, eating saloon.
Greenstreet, Thomas, carpenter.
Grigsby, Jessie, carpenter.
Green, T. E., painter.
Gardner, John, carpenter.
Gates, E. O., circuit clerk.
Ghormley, J. A., city attorney.
Gregg, Andrew, county justice.
Griggs, W. L., lawyer.
Griffin & Swett, photographers.
Garrett, R. A. & Son, livery stable.
Grimm, G. W., groceries.
Gill, Wm., editor Kirksville Journal. Goodson, Solomon, meat market.
Hanna, Henry, barber.
Harlan, W. B. & Bro., stoves and tinware.
Harrington & Cover, lawyers.
Hart, A., dry goods.
Harris, Robert, gunsmith.
Heyser, W. H., wagon maker.
Hooyer, John. H., saddles and harness.
Hinkley, C. B., lawyer.
Hanks, Joseph, blacksmith.
Hawn, M. W., carpenter.
Ilgenfritz, Geo. & Co., groceries.
Ilgenfritz, Jacob L., shoemaker.
Ivie, Julia, prop. Union Hotel.
Jamison, J., magistrate.
Jillett, Stephen, carpenter and wagonmaker.
Jennings, James, carpenter.
Jamieson, J. G., hardware and furniture.
Jacobs & Rogers, bakery and confectionery.
Kimble, Charles, carpenter.
Kennedy, Miss M. A., milliner and dress maker.
Kernodle,, H. G., agricultural implements.
Kirksville Journal, a weekly paper, published by Darlington & Gill.
Kirksville Lodge, No. 105, A. F. & A. M. Binder, Andrew, representative.
Link, Lewis, assistant county clerk.
Loring, J. L., prop. City Hotel.
Lucas, James., shoemaker.
Lawson, E. H., Disciples Church.
Law, F. P., notary public.
Lane & Williams, druggists.
Leach, Joshua, Methodist clergyman.
Lough, W., physician.
McAuliff, John, carpenter.
MacKay & Stewart, dry goods.
Mears, John B., notary public.
McDonald, M. C., blacksmith.
Millen, H. F., lawyer.
Miller, R., magistrate.
Merrill & Trout, photographers and painters.
Morris, J H, insurance and claim agt.
Nicholls, Chesterfield, blacksmith.
Nason, W. P., teacher.
North Missouri Hotel, David Dougherty, proprietor.
Orr, David, carpenter.
Pierce, A. S., physician.
Pierce, Ed & Son, physicians and druggists.
Pierce, I. D., dentist.
Pierce & Griggs, (D. C. P. & Jo. G.) real estate.
Parsells & Knight, dry goods.
Pickler, John A., local ed Kirksville Journal.
Pickler, George & Son, groceries.
Pollock, Geo. S. & Bros, undertakers and dealers in lumber and furniture.
Quintell, Peter, carpenter.
Parks, George, family grocery.
Public Hall, Sherwood, prop.
Porter, W. T., lawyer.
Powers & Asher, books and jewelry and photographers.
Ringo & Caskey, dry goods.
Reed, M. L., dry goods.
Rogers, Wm., county justice.
Reid, T. B., jailor.
Richter & Co, druggists.
Risdon, A. D., notary public.
Royal, W. W., physician.
Smith & Law, real estate and insurance agts.
Shibley, John, county justice.
Samuels & Carroll, dry goods.
Sloan, Noah, barber.
Sherwood, A. & Co., dry goods and U S Ex. Agts..
Smith & Hanks, blacksmithing.
Scott, James, carpenter.
Scott, Walter, bakery.
Stebbins & Porter, bankers.
Smith, A. F., wagon maker.
Smith & Saner, brewery
. Tull, H. M., carpenter.
Union Hotel, Julia L. Ivie, prop.
Voorhies & Rowlison, carpenters.
Willis, R. B., constable.
Willard, A. P., druggist and physician.
Wears, D., merchant tailor.
Willis & Williams, grocers.
Williams & Dennis, real estate dealers.
Willis & Weber, hardware.
Ward, J. W., groceries.
Wilcox, E., groceries.
Wyatt, A., saloon.
Williams, James, plasterer.

Lone Star
This is the name of a country post office in the county of Adair, to reach which go, by stage, from Macon City or from Canton, on the Missouri river.

A small village in the northern part of Adair county, located on the Chariton river five miles north-west of Kirksville the County Seat, and 70 miles from Quincy. The place is settled by honest enterprising Germans. They have a store, tannery, grist mill, hotel, saloons, carpenter and blacksmith shops, etc. Population 100.

Trades, Professions, &c.
Bowers, John, gen. store.
Felker, Henry, blacksmith.
Fellow, Tobias, tanner.
Miles, Fred, prop., hotel.
Stinebaugh, Geo., prop. mill.
Wells, Joseph, gen. store.

A small place situated in the eastern edge of Adair county, 14 miles a little south of cast of Kirksville, the County Seat. It is directly on the road from Edina to Kirksville, and is 40 miles from Quincy, Ill. Population 320,

Trades, Professions, etc.
Adams, G., physician.
Bailey, J. H., gen. store.
Collision, Mrs., hotel.
Douglass, A., physician.
Douglass, Dr., druggist.
Fowler, R. M., physician.
Grason, C. O., wagon maker.
Keller & McCreery, gen. store.
Kennaugkyer, B., flour mill.
Prince, Reuben, saddler.
Rainer, Kirk, wagon maker,
Ross, N. J., flour mill.
Sampson, J., shoemaker.
Seare, H., groceries.
Steele, Wm., blacksmith.
Wamsley, L. B., druggist & physician.

Ringo's Point
This small place in the west part of Adair county, 12 miles west of Kirksville, the County Seat. The place is situated on a branch of the Chariton river, and its nearest point to the H. & St. Jo. R. R. is at New Cambria, 27 miles south.

Shibley's Point
This is a smart enterprising village in the north-western (Morrow) township of Adair county, and is about 13 miles north-west of Kirksville, the County Seat, on the Unionville road. The place contains about 200 population.

Trades, Professions, etc.
Burns, F. J., gen. store.
Burns, Geo. M., post master and Presbyterian minister.
Larkins, --, gen. store.
Pheifer, --, blacksmith.
Pierce, --, druggist and physician.
Salava, J. A., carpenter, cabinet and wagon maker.
Shibley & Loan, wool carding.
White, Thomas, saw mill.

This is the name of a small place situated in the north-west part of Adair county, 10 miles north-west of Kirksville, and 33 north of New Cambria, on the H. & St. Jo. R. R. The place does not contain a post office.

This small place is situated in the north-east part of Adair county, on the South Fabius river, 14 miles north-east of Kirksville, the County Seat, and 37 miles north of Carbon, on the H. & St. Jo. R. R., and 48 miles west of Alexandria, on the Mississippi river.

Trades, Professions, etc.
Rutter, Reynolds & Co, gen. store.

Wilson Town
A small place in the south-east corner of Adair county, 15 miles south-east of Kirksville, the County Seat, on the Shelbyville road, and 51 miles nearly west of Quincy. Population 80.

Trades & Professions, etc.
Barnhart & Cornell, gen. Store.
Cornell --, postmaster.
Ellis --, druggist and physician.
French --, blacksmith.

Source: North Missouri and Eastern Kansas Business Directory for 1867-1868, published by S. B. Wyckoff, Quincy, Illinois, 1867


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